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Intellectual Property Related Services
Our professionals have many years of Intellectual Property related Practical experience.Currently,Besides mainly providing our clients with Patent or Trademark services,we also help them accomplish such tasks as Customs Recordal on Intellectual Property Right, Computer Software Copyright Protection, Enterprise Intellectual Property Strategy, National or International Patent/Trademark Search and Oversea Company Registration.etc.
Intellectual Property Customs Recordal Procedures
For application of intellectual property customs record, the following materials are necessary.

A copy of Application for Customs Record of intellectual property protection;

Intellectual property right certificate (proof). 

A、Patent Certificate 

A duplicate of patent certificate (patent publication and attached drawing should also be included in the case of design);
A duplicate patent register issued by SIPO or a copied version of annual patent fee receipt bearing the name of the applicant (but only in the case that the span is over one year between the issuing date of the certificate and record application date.)

B. Trademark Certificate

A duplicate of trademark registration certificate or a duplicate of trademark registration proof issued by the Trademark Office (which applies to international registered trademark) 

C. Copyright Certificate

A duplicate of the optional copyright registration certificate and attached draft works;
Other proof can be court verdict, administrative confirmation and other copyright proof including the original works. 

Applicant Identification Document 

A、 As an enterprise, the applicant should present the duplicate business license, limited to domestic enterprises, with confirmation stamp from the business administration department, in addition to the duplicate company registration and certification from the local government (only for foreign enterprises);

B、 As a natural person, the applicant should present the duplicate identification documents. 

Power of Attorney for record agent and the Registration Certificate or Identification Documents of the Agent 

It is limited to the case that an agent is commissioned to present application or when an application is filed by those outside of Mainland China . The power of attorney should be signed by the legal representative of the applicant or an authorized delegate. Identification documents of the agent can be the duplicate business license, limited to domestic enterprises, with confirmation stamp from the business administration department, or, the ratification documents of a law firm. 

Introduction of intellectual property right licensee or the importer & exporter; 

Introduction of the party who allegedly imports or exports goods infringing on the intellectual property right, and preliminary evidence; 

The photograph or picture of the legal or infringing merchandise as well as the packaging pattern. The patent character in the photograph or the picture should be simple and clear; 

Illustration of the Infringement Disputes. 

It only applies to the case where a dispute or litigation has taken place between the applicant and another party. The applicant can present written statement or indictment, answer, requisition of and answer to revocation as well as invalidation, and other relevant documents.

Computer Software Copyright Protection Procedures
Materials Necessary for Application of Software Copyright as below:

Fill in the application table in accordance with the requirement;

Differentiation materials for software refer to that for program as well as document.

The materials are often composed of source code and 30 consecutive pages of any document leading to and following the code. If the whole program or document is less than 60 pages, the whole source code and document should be submitted. Special cases not counted, every page of the program should be no less than 50 lines and document 30 lines. Differentiation materials can be submitted independently but additional fees should be paid to the registration department.

Relevant Proof Documents 

A、 Identification documents for natural persons, legal persons and other entities;
B、The authorship document and program assignment document, if any, should be submitted; 
C、The authorization documents from the original copyright holder should be submitted in the case of authorized development on the original software;
 D、The inheritor, assignee and undertaker should submit the proof of the relations.

Cooperation Procedures on Enterprise Intellectual Property Strategy
To help develop a patent strategy, our company provides a practical checklist for getting organized in preparation for developing a comprehensive patent strategy for the company.

With any patent strategy, some key considerations will include commitment from all levels of management and execution of the strategy once it is assembled. Companies that take the time and effort to develop a patent strategy will be reap many rewards for the time, money and effort spend early on as their business continues to grow and prosper.

Hong Kong Company Registration Procedures
  A client shall fill in and submit to us the Formation Form for providing the details of proposed company name, shareholders, directors, secretary and registered office. Then we shall check and confirm if it is registrable within two to three working days;

We shall prepare all the documents for incorporating a company, including Memorandum and Articles of Association, appointment of first directors and secretary, notice of registered office and application for business registration certificate;

The client will sign all the documents (but not dating any) and return the same back to us;

  We shall arrange the filing of the documents to the Companies Registry and apply for business registration certificate;

After obtaining the business registration certificate from the HK Government Department, the documents (including chops and certified true copies) will be sent to the client, and then the company can be used;

The procedures are usually completed within two weeks (excluding transit time of documents)。
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